Squirrel Hat Fall Collection

The Squirrell Hat Fall Collection-3
Under the oaktrees they were lying, the squirrelhats, just waiting to be
picked up and placed on small velvety or silky pillows on a runway
The Squirrell Hat Fall Collection-2.jpg

It began with

The inspiration for "The Squirrel walk spring edition" began in the fall of 2018 when I found small acorns capsules on the ground. I got the association with small caps or hats for squirrels. Fascinated by how different these capsules looked, I gathered together a number, then sewed small pillows off the velvet and the side for the "hats" to rest on. These were then placed on a 90cm long side-dressed "catwalk". It became "The Squirrel hat fall collection".

The Squirrell Hat Fall Collection--4.jpg

T-shirt & Tote

Johan Loberg